At Corporate Diversity Pathways, our mission is simple: to position Australia for greater futures.

We are a management consulting firm, privileged to be recognised as the preferred partner in people, culture and performance, representing a diverse mix of public, private and community organisations. We partner with leaders, to encourage diversity of thought leadership to accelerate change, position their organisation for growth, resulting in increased revenue and profit. We ensure every decision we make to support the unique requirements of our clients represents an evidence-based approach, enthused with research, data and analytics. Our fully customised 6-Step People Culture & Performance suite of leadership consultative services helps develop and implement a Diversity & Inclusion strategy that compliments and delivers on corporate strategy. 

As we look ahead into the future, our leaders will be those who empower their employees through Diversity + Inclusion.  In Australia, companies are realising that Diversity + Inclusion are good for business. With 46% of the workforce represented by women, inclusive targets of 50% of women represented on leadership teams are being set and achieved by Boards, CEO's and Heads of Diversity + Inclusion (WGEA). 



“Jeromine’s business acumen, emotional intelligence, and senior people, performance and culture expertise has been a key to the successful development of a high performing team that has increased fundraising revenue from $11 million to $23 million per annum, a 100% increase in just two and a half years.

At the same time more than $30 million has been secured in new multi-year pledges.”
— -CEO Non-Profit Health Services Foundation
“In all our experiences of working with Jeromine we have found her not only to be extremely diligent and professional but more importantly creative. Jeromine is a strong listener and has a unique ability to observe and understand cultures and subcultures. This, combined with her creative approach, allows her to be extremely effective at what she does.

She is an outstanding role model for other women as well as men.”
— -CEO of the Year ASX 200 Health Supplements Company



"We help our public, private and community sector clients meet the needs of an increasingly global and diverse world. Organisations committed to being recognised as an employer of choice for women, bring about rapid and significant change when choosing CDP as their 'partners in people and performance'."

Jeromine Alpe, CEO Corporate Diversity Pathways