Giving back is good for us

Giving back is good for us.  That’s why we say YES when given the opportunity to support charitable causes that matter to our employees, clients and suppliers. In 2016 the team at CDP (then BCG) had the opportunity to use our influence for greater good.  We invited 10 influential women who share a common goal to transform the world around us, giving hope in a time of social, economic and political change.  We connected at the Odyssey House [OH] Business Womens Luncheon and had the privilege of listening to three of our most respected women business leaders speak about their inspirational personal journeys to leadership.  

A call to ‘believe in ourselves’ and that everyone can achieve, that we can make a difference, was a powerful take home message.  A particularly moving account of a remarkable journey from hardship to good fortune by an OH graduate who found the courage to overcome life challenges was inspiring.   It was at her lowest point that she found the strength to ask for help.  The graduate is a true inspiration having worked through her hardships to create a better life for herself and her children, now working as a counsellor at Odyssey House, reminded us that through effort, skill or courage anything is possible.

It’s good for our business when we say YES when asked to GIVE because our voice contributes to the creation and sharing of inspiring stories. We are committed to being part of something bigger.  Every time we GIVE we increase our awareness of the lives of those less fortunate and feel thankful our success has allowed us to positively influence the lives of those less fortunate.  

How has saying YES in support of your organisation’s charitable causes been good for your business?  Contribute to this conversation by commenting below!

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