Every organisation, committed to creating a truly unique Diversity & Inclusive Leadership culture that 'sticks' can distinguish between Diversity [the representative] and Inclusion [a culture founded on mutual trust and respect evidenced by a feeling of belonging and equality]

Without inclusion as the foundation of an organisation's culture, the glue needed for business growth will be compromised.  Whilst very organisation is at a different stage in their life-cycle, their number one asset is people and as such an investment in the mental and physical health and wellbeing of people will result in increased profit and revenue,  growing individual careers from within the organisation, for greater futures. 

Consider 6 week 'Lunch & Learn' inclusive leadership programs to harness the individual and collective strengths of leaders throughout the organisation, evidenced by the ability to attract, engage, develop for internal career succession and retain top 'diverse' talent.

Read more from Harvard Business Review on Diversity and Inclusion here.

Corporate Diversity Pathways is a full service diversity and inclusion advisory focussed on empowering women for diversity, happiness, inclusion and peak performance. We do this through Careers for Women, Executive Development Programs, Coaching for Peak Performance, Workplace Wellness, D+I Advisory and Action, D+I Leaders Network and The Power of Mentoring.