Break the Ceiling Touch the Sky

Simone and I had a wonderful day at this year’s Women in Leadership Summit. Together with over 200 delegates we learned the secrets behind success and leadership for women in the 21st century. If you would like to receive a copy of our insights from any of the topics below, please get in touch at

The Summit opened with a diverse panel of top CEOs sharing their leadership perspective on the disruptive forces shaping the future in Australia. We looked at how technology, artificial intelligence, culture, sustainability, diversity and evolution of management thinking will impact the careers of leaders, especially women in the decade ahead.

Next on the agenda was a masterclass on getting more women leaders to the top. Four international CEOs shared their journeys in ANZ on what policies, best practices and actions are working to get more women into the senior most leadership positions. More importantly, what is not working and what specific strategies we can adapt and reapply in our own businesses and organisations.

As participants we engaged in candid conversations with four inspirational female leaders who shared their journey to leading an organisation, and how they cracked the code on five great challenges they faced as women leaders - work life balance, dealing with sexual harassment, plotting a sustainable career path leveraging the available resources within an organisation, avoiding the ‘parent trap’, and dealing with marriage, maternity and mobility.

What we learned is the impact of our personal brand and how it matters as a senior leaders. Our executive presence and authenticity is crucial for influencing the toughest and more complex scenarios and stakeholders. The key managing via example versus by authority.

We ended the day with an opportunity to contribute as leaders on key topics that matter to participants through the power of speed mentoring.

A wonderful day investing in our personal and professional development away from our devices and connecting with some of Australia’s greatest and most influential business leaders who were generously giving of their time to champion the success and leadership for women.