Workplace Wellbeing relates to all aspects of working life, from the quality and safety of the physical environment, to how workers feel about their work, their working environment and work organisation. At CDP, we know that employee well-being is critical for great company culture. Therefore, less stress, increased employee morale and job performance, greater collaboration and communication, job satisfaction and employee loyalty are just some of the benefits of creating a positive company culture.


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Increased Creativity + Innovation

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Increased Employee Engagement

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Better Overall Performance

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Greater Job Satisfaction







Our holistic Power of 8 Programs provide balance of education, inspiration and motivation. They translate into a happier, more productive workforce. It creates inclusion, lowering absenteeism through healthier life habits and strategies that become a way of life both at home and at work. The Power of 8 compliments your existing workplace wellness programs.

Choose the 8 professional and personal development topics. No time for an 8 to Great Program? Customise a one-off workshop, 3 part masterclass or one-day wellness retreat.

Adversity can be described as a very difficult or unfavourable situation, where circumstances or situations work against you.  In reality a majority of people will experience some form of adversity in work and/or life and in life may refer to many different things such as ill health or injury (experienced personally or by those close to them), relationship breakdown or loss.

Adversity in business is no exception and may include a wide range of hurdles to be overcome such as major business changes, challenges, and disruption.

The path from Adversity to Wellbeing requires insights, skills and strategies that we can all learn and develop.





One of the key responsibilities of Boards is setting the organisational culture or the “Tone from the Top”. Boards generally have the aim and desire to lead, motivate and inspire the performance and achievement of an organisation. Wellbeing of directors, the board as a team and leaders from an emotional, psychological, and social perspective is important in supporting the board and organisation to thrive.

Leaders are role models for organisations and teams. Wellbeing is key to a leaders own personal performance and engagement as well as those around them, not only in work but in life. Understanding the link between leadership and wellbeing and the insights and strategies required benefits all. For more information on the learning and program options for Leadership and Wellbeing download the brochure.


We are proudly accredited to deliver the Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey, a uniquely holistic, evidence-based tool that delivers deep insights into what shapes and sustains a leader’s success – at work and at home. Learn more about GLWS and how we use it here.




Finding what matters to do in your career and just “do it”.  Move on from “How can I possibly do this?” to “How can I possibly NOT do this?

Looks at your unique strengths, values, experiences as the Definition of Success.



Ally consulted to the Golden Door Australia for two years to assist in the development of our Corporate Wellbeing Program (CWP). She made an enormous contribution in establishing the framework and direction of the program which is now flourishing and supporting hundreds of corporates in the prevention and management of stress and burnout, as well as embedding sustainable healthy habits. Ally’s 20+ years experience as a senior leader in the corporate world across a number of industries and her early career working in clinical health and professional sport give her great insight into why wellbeing is essential for leaders and teams to be their “best possible self” in work and life. Above all Ally is a “people person” and authentically shares her experience of wellbeing in leadership as well as her personal experience of adversity to wellbeing.
— Brigid Walsh, General Manager, Golden Door Australia
“I thank you and your team for providing me with the confidence to be bold as it was a result of attending the 2 hour session in Sydney last month that really gave me motivation to create my own opportunities and to approach my manager about my ideas.”
— Participant, Power of 8 Workshop
One of the better workshops I’ve been involved in.
— Participant, Power of 8 Workshop